Class #4 – February 1st

***Remember to bring your unit plan Subject Specific Assessment Technique Workshops – a leader in the field will share his/her insight into your major area. ELA – Denee – Teacher Prep Center (2nd floor) PE/Health/Wellness – Tania – Room 318 Science – Jennie – Room 310 Social Studies – Tana – Staff room – no […]

Class #3 – January 25th

Rubrics Night Cori Antonini is here to present on rubrics Creating-A-Rubric Chapter 3/4 discussion – Chapter 3 and 4 Guiding prompts Case Study Practice – Mr. Brown’s Science Class  Chris Brown  Chris Brown 2 Case Studies 410 – please refer to the rubric and the explanation of the assignment from your course outline – you […]

Class #2

Night #2 Frayer Diagram – handout Discussion prompts for Week 2 from Chapters 1, 2, and 11 NESD website Diagnostic tools – what are they?  Subject groups will explore grade 9 outcome.  Article – Seven Good Moves *** Partner A and Partner B must be done first blog post and response For those needing help […]

ECS 410

COURSE OUTLINE: ECS 410-Syllabus 2017 2017 Assessment Plan Part A Big Picture PowerPoint: Big-Picture-Assessment 2017 Article: Regina schools get rid of letter grades, honour roll Keep Behavior in Report Cards     Sample Blogs:   Reading required prior to February 1st class, please view the following YouTube videos:  The Classroom Experiment (2 hours […]