Class #4 – February 1st

***Remember to bring your unit plan

  1. Subject Specific Assessment Technique Workshops – a leader in the field will share his/her insight into your major area.

ELA – Denee – Teacher Prep Center (2nd floor)

PE/Health/Wellness – Tania – Room 318

Science – Jennie – Room 310

Social Studies – Tana – Staff room – no data projector

Math – Assessment in Mathematics – Room 311

Fine Arts – Rhonda (TBD)

  1. Partner planning time for Assign #1 – be sure you bring the unit plan you are going to work with.
  1. Co construction of assessment tool for Assignment #1 – Part B
  1. Dylan Williams Video discussion
  1. Various discussion (large and small group) with questions from the chapters

Upcoming Due Dates:

Case Study – due February 15th

Presentations start February 15th


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